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Mohamed Dekkak at International Dubai Fashion Show (iDFW) 2019


Mohamed Dekkak at International Dubai Fashion Show (iDFW) 2019

About the Video:

The video depicts the affair that happened last April 27, 2019, in the Royal Gala at International Dubai Fashion Week that took place in the luxurious and posh venue, the Palazzo Versace Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The gorgeous models run their course well wearing luxurious designer clothes by renowned designers around the globe with the greatest caliber in the fashion industry under their belts. The fashion show also catered the promotion of its venue, the Palazzo Versace Dubai, known for its magnificent architectural design that illustrates the Arabic and European cultures alike. Mr. Mohammed Dekkak, the Founder and Chairman of the Adgeco Group, the Chairman of Anouar Association and the Honorary President of the Ibn Battuta Association, was invited and he attended the prestigious fashion show this year.

The International Dubai Fashion Week

The Royal Gala of the International Dubai Fashion Week is a celebration of talent, skills, luxury, style, fashion and worldwide trend in ready-to-wear (RTW) and couture clothes made by well-known designers from America, Europe, and the Middle East. Since its establishment way back in 2006, IDFW or the International Dubai Fashion week has been carving its way to be known in the fashion scene across the globe vigorously. Its main goal is to help set marketing and fashion forefront in the United Arab Emirates and to develop ideas and activities for it. The IDFW brought a lavish feast of fashion and elegance composing luxury brands, beauty, and lifestyle with alluring trade shows. Mr. Mohammed Dekkak, the Founder and Chairman of the Adgeco Group and Chairman of Anouar Association were very keen in his support for this fashion show. He once said that that the Royal Gala was indeed a proud occasion of celebrating the splendid art of fashion industry in the United Arab Emirates.

The Princess of Sharjah, Sheika Hend Al Qassemi, a fashion, and business aficionados, was the main patron of the said event is very much present and great support of the whole program. She is considered to be a champion for promoting the Arab Fashion business in the international market by funding the local trade of UAE's fashion stylist across the region and to the world. She notes that when a feeble and simple woman wore clothes from her own fashion line, the House of Hend, it will make that woman, empowered, accomplished, full of confidence and can conquer the world.

Among the participants and invited to the Royal Gala are as follows:

Royal Princesses
VIPs' in government and private companies
Fashion Aficionados
Makeup Artists
Fashion and Column Editors

Among the designers that showcased their brands came from different fashion industry like the House of Hend of her Highness Sheika Hend Faisal Al Qassemi, VAVCI, kuchugova_design,@remezka_shop, @thecfddubai, @edithaselegantdesigns, Each Piece Raquel Lopez and the like. This powerhouse of clothing brands graced their way in displaying delicate, unique and intricate details of each dress that they promote for all the guests who attended the fabulous event. Zenofer Fathima, a producer, and an actress was elegantly walked her way wearing a fantabulous gown from the top brand of the House of Hend as the main ambassador. Zenofer was considerably an empowered woman as she herself does not only juggle her way in one particular task, but a lot of it, being a mom, author, actress, producer, and businesswoman herself. She was gleefully joined as well by her Highness Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassemi in the runway after her glorious walk representing the House of Hend.
This event is truly inspiring for women not only in the fashion industry but also in helping shape the world putting women into the spotlight.

Mohamed Dekkak at International Dubai Fashion Week 2019 at Palazzo Versace Hotel, Culture Village, Dubai, UAE
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