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How to run a boutique fashion store. An interview with Kate Kikano.

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How to run a boutique fashion store. An interview with Kate Kikano.

This weeks interview was with Kate Kikano founder of TKD Lingerie, a lingerie and swimwear brand specialising in D+ cup collections, that is based in the Middle East.

TKD Lingerie was born from a gap in the market and a personal pain point. Kate decided that for her and her customers, launching a boutique concept from day 1 was paramount. Kate operates 2 stores; 1 in Dubai and a 2nd in Abu Dhabi. Recently in 2020, she expanded her reach by launching TKD Lingerie own website.

Listen to this interview to understand what it takes to launch and run a boutique store from day 1. Key lessons cover, mentorship, community, recruitment, and the importance of brand values.

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