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Chinese, Arab Traditional Dresses Showcased in Dubai Fashion Show

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Chinese, Arab Traditional Dresses Showcased in Dubai Fashion Show

A fashion show was held Friday in Dubai, UAE to display traditional Chinese and Arab dresses.

Several models wore chi-pao or cheongsam, a traditional form of Chinese dress for women characterized by its high collar, tight fitting and high slits, to display a unique Chinese style.

The stylish cheongsam, which was created in the 1920s in Shanghai, was made fashionable by socialites and upper class women.

Arab models wore "abaya", a loosely fitted dress, to showcase a Muslim clothing style. Traditional abaya is black and may be either a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands.

"As we all know, China's unique attire is chi-pao while for the Arabs it's black robe. In my opinion, this show is to demonstrate the cultural clash and fusion between chi-pao and black robe," said Li Dongxia, chairman, of Chi-pao Association in UAE.

The fashion show, the second of its kind held in UAE, lasted about 90 minutes and attracted over 1,100 people. Foreigners got a great opportunity to learn about traditional Chinese culture through the show.

"It was a very wonderful evening. We enjoy Chinese traditional program, and it's long historical program. So I'm feeling very well," said Fazilula Ahmed, a visitor from Dubai.
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